A fairy tale shared love romance

Book Cover: Denial
Part of the Masters from Afterlife series:

Magic mirror on the wall, who is the most powerful sex angel of all?

My name is Aleah Hunter, and my beloved husband, Troy, is a ghost who can only communicate with me through two very hot sex angels. Unfortunately, I’ve accidentally revealed our location, and his incubus has infected me with his venom. There’s only one antidote—essence from one of the very hot sex angels, and I’m not sure I’m willing to pay the price.

All I want to do is spend time with my soul mate Hubster and get to know my new angels—one of whom thinks he’s destined for me—in a totally platonic way. But between escaping from a frigging magic mirror’s all-seeing eye and researching the underbelly of the kink community, when do I have the time?

I’m Aleah Hunter, award-winning journalist, and sex-starved bitch goddess. The prospect of having three destined mates has its upside . . . Eternal damnation with an evil sex demon, not so much.

DENIAL is book 2 of this dangerously delicious fairy tale brought to life where the stakes are literally life and death, and the love is so deep, it’s eternal.