A dangerously delicious romance

Book Cover: Rage
Part of the Dark Cover Duet series:
  • Rage

To bring her back, he’ll have to push her right to the edge…

One blink in time was all it took to lose my mind. The night my fiancée died in my arms, a victim of human traffickers whose clients’ pockets are deep enough to hide their sins, was the night I turned from healer to killer.

My computer is my weapon of torture, exposing dirty little secrets until the guilty wish they were dead. Some say I’ve lost my moral compass. I say I’ve only just found it.

“Keep your cool, Jaden. You can’t save them all.” That’s what my best friend says. But when I find a tiny, shattered woman in a dingy warehouse, her bruised eyes shooting jet streams of pure defiance, something about her reignites a dark flame I haven’t felt in years.

This time, there’s no walking away. I will save Rayne. I’ll lay vengeance at her feet. And I’m not stopping until I have her on her knees—and the fire in her eyes burns only for me.

Reviews:Debbie Ballard on Amazon wrote:

Amazing & Intriguing! A Must Read!

Susie on Amazon wrote:

Jaden is on the mission to hunt down those responsible for his fiancé’s death but one look at Rayne and he decides to rescue her. Thus begins their rocky relationship. I really liked how spunky Rayne and how both Rayne and Jaden are complicated creatures. There were elements of BDSM-type references but nothing that really consumed the whole book. I liked the writing style of the author. Definitely different…in a good way.