A fated mates shared love romance

Book Cover: Shock
Part of the Masters from Afterlife series:

She’s grieving the loss of her husband. Can she embrace a sizzling new destiny?

Journalist Aleah Hunter has spent six months mourning the love of her life. So when two gorgeous angel lords appear with his ghost in tow, the heartbroken widow finds it hard to believe in a hot-and-heavy reunion from beyond the grave. But after his essence briefly takes possession of her sex-starved body, she’s convinced their magical connection could be the key to his reincarnation.

Unaware she’s the last Nephilim in all the realms, Aleah and her three smoking-hot guardians flee to a remote island to hide from an evil archangel intent on her total annihilation. But as time in the afterlife starts to run out for her other half, deeply hidden carnal fantasies might offer their only release…

Can Aleah find a way back into her hubby’s arms without giving herself completely to an irresistible duo?

Shock is the first book in the sinful Masters from Beyond paranormal shared love romance series with a cliffhanger. If you like sassy heroines, sexy men, and tantalizing temptations, then you’ll adore Liliana Darlove’s darkly delicious fantasy.

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