No Strings….
Only pleasure and possibilities…

I have everything I want. Except for her.
Meredith took me from a boy to a man,
Showing me things I never knew existed.

Now, she’s back,
And she wants me,
…But only on her terms.

I’m trapped in a web of confusion and frustration,
Pleasure and passion,
With no hope for a future.
After all, she belongs to someone else.

But this is only the BEGINNING….

. . .This is a good read about a woman’s journey into the dom/submissive lifestyle. I love the way the characters are developed as well as the explanation of how she turned to this world. I love how the writer develops the relationship and allows hem to teach and reach each other. Nicely done. I can’t wait for the next book in the series and you won’t either.

—Teri, Goodreads