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The line between want and need is razor thin…and dangerous as hell.

International best-selling author, Lilith Darville, presents an intense, dangerous, romantic suspense series in the vein of Pepper Winters and Skye Warren.

Jaden Stone. Hard as granite, inside and out. He snatched me from the jaws of certain death. He calls me his little dragon. In reality, I’m fifty shades of messed up.

For three months I’ve been at his mercy as he frees my body and captures my soul, bit by painful bit. He’s had me whenever the mood struck. I want one hell of a lot more. I want to show him his little dragon is ready to join the fight to stop human traffickers that chew up and spit out innocent children.

Except he’s disappeared into the wilderness, chased by the demons of his past. Demons locked down behind barriers too solid for my empathic senses to reach.

I don’t need my ability to know what’s buried inside him. The thirst for revenge that makes me feel protected. But there’s something he doesn’t understand. It’s not up to him to lay a corpse at my feet.

That dark and relentless task is mine, and mine alone.