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Lilith Darville
Tame Me
Book 3
Tame Me

My broken mind can’t be sure of anything…
…but my body knows the sexy man standing guard at my hospital bed.

With no recollection of the past, I wake to a grim reality. The crash I survived was just the beginning of a vendetta for revenge.

I’m a target. I’m as good as dead.

Dangers are everywhere. But so is he. The sexy, rugged man claiming to be my fiancé. . . . . . who wants to give me my heart’s desires and a happily ever after . . . his way.

And I can’t help but respond to each touch, taste, and temptation he offers. But our time may have just run out. He’s in as much danger as I am. Someone intends to take him down for good. And if he falls, there is no question of my fate. I’ll follow right after him…

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