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Magic mirror on the wall, who is the most powerful sex angel of all? 

My name is Aleah Hunter, and little did I know that my life would become a wicked twist on the classic Snow White fairy tale. After six months of mourning the loss of my beloved husband, Troy, my world takes an unexpected turn when two captivating angels appear before me, accompanied by Troy’s lingering ghost.

In that moment, a glimmer of hope pierces through my heartbreak. Could there be a chance to bring Troy back to me? As the magical and physical connection between the four of us ignites, I can’t help but wonder if our fate is intertwined in the tapestry of destiny. Hidden between the sheets, perhaps the key to our happiness lies within our shared desires.

But every fairy tale has a villain, and our story is no exception. The sinister demon sex lord, Syrael, seeks to claim me and the magic I possess for himself. With my sexy guardians by my side, I refuse to succumb to his wicked plans. We must harness the full potential of my magic in a race against time to protect our bond and stop Syrael once and for all.

Welcome to a sinful realm where pleasure and danger entwine. Atroyel is the first book in the dark urban fantasy romance series, Rogue Angels. With a tantalizing blend of sassy heroines, irresistible men, and enchanting magic, Lilith Darville weaves a spellbinding tale that will leave you yearning for more. Prepare for a wicked cliffhanger, alluring magic shenanigans, and a sensuous journey that will awaken your desires.

Latest Release
Dark Angel

Dark Angel is a dark urban fantasy romance, with an avenging angel and a heroine who isn’t sure she’s worth saving. Dark, brooding, twisted, packed with action, and a complex story, Dark Angel has strong Dark Knight Rises vibes and is perfect for fans of K.A. Knight’s Den of Vipers.

I took an oath to save lives, but I couldn’t save the one that mattered and now I’m on a quest for revenge. I’ve traded in my surgeon’s scalpel for a switchblade, magic, and wings. 

When evil men stole the woman who meant everything to me, her destruction and death destroyed me. Now I won’t stop until they are all punished and buried. 

Rayne is just another soon-to-be casualty of their cruelty, but when I see her, my protective instincts launch into overdrive. There’s something different about her. Something I know I won’t be able to live without.

A spark of desire in her gaze gives me hope for more than revenge.
I want more. I can’t stop until she belongs to me—mind, body, and soul. 

If you like the stories where the villain turns out to be the hero and he burns the world down to save the heroine, Dark Angel won’t disappoint. Tread lightly as this novel is graphic, complete with darkness and raw, ravaging pain—a pain some may not be able to handle. Many cannot. Consider yourself warned. Proceed with caution. . .

Features these tropes: Second Chance, Soul Mates, Fast Burn
Tate's Angel

TATE’S ANGEL has everything I look for in a Why Choose romance. It’s a sexual roller coaster that blends Greek mythology with the modern world and deep, emotionally connected characters.”

~ Critically acclaimed author Christine d’Abo

The Books

1-Dark Angel
Book 1
Tate's Angel
Book 1
Tate's Vampire
Book 2
Tate's Demon
Book 3
Tate's Shifter
Book 4
Book 1
Book 2
Book 3
1-Teach Me
Book 1
2-Tempt Me
Book 2
3-Tame Me
Book 3