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Lilith Darville
Tate’s Angel
Book 1
Tate's Angel

Warning: This book has one strong woman and four dangerously sexy immortal men.
She’s been their fated mate in every life they’ve lived and they refuse to live one without her.
Read this book if you like why choose romance with a paranormal twist and hunky guys times 4!

Tate Spencer’s biggest problem isn’t that she’s supposedly dead, or that she has four sinfully sexy men claiming she’s their fated mate. Her biggest problem is that one of the men says he’s the Angel of Death, but he looks exactly like her recently deceased husband.

Angel of Death, aka, Bob Morrison can’t believe he’s getting a second chance with the woman he loved on Earth and lost.
But before things can heat up between them, he has to help Tate save Sexy Sins Afterlife Retreat from a demon invasion and help her safely navigate the supernatural realm.

Talk about a wild mid-life crisis. Today is the day Tate finds out reincarnation is a real thing, discovers she has supernatural powers of her own and falls in love with four guys determined to make her every fantasy a reality.

Imagine fated mates, a spunky mid-life heroine who doesn’t know just how special she is, off-the-charts-chemistry, a smoldering cast of broody, hot-blooded, protective heroes, and an irresistible story that will keep you turning the pages late into the night. Grab Tate’s Angel today, the first book in Lilith Darville’s sizzling Sexy Sins Afterlife Retreat series. Feed your fantasies!

What readers say...

TATE’S ANGEL has everything I look for in a Why Choose romance. It’s a sexual roller coaster that blends Greek mythology with the modern world and deep, emotionally connected characters.

~ Critically acclaimed author Christine d’Abo

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