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Lilith Darville

Scorpio Awakens Ch. 1 - Katherine

For years she had buried her dark secret and root of her fears. As terrifying as each sexual assault had been, once she was confident her life wasn’t threatened, the observer part of her was excited by the force. She hadn’t fought; she had simply submitted. Sure, she had whimpered and begged them not to hurt her, and her body had shut down with terror; but she hadn’t struggled. When they sneered in their rationalism and told her she’d asked for it, she recognized the reality of her shame.


            Katherine’s hidden sexual need led her to a double life. She loved her husband deeply and completely, and he returned her adoration. They reveled in how perfect they were for each other, and their love making was filled with passion as they released their souls to each other. He accepted her for who she was and gave her the freedom she needed to explore her life without question or condition. She couldn’t be more content, and that’s what she told herself as the craving insinuated its way through her subconscious.

            Their reunion was like a collision of comets. She’d been having a drink at a nearby bar needing a few minutes away from the social roller coaster of the executive team meetings. Although she knew it wasn’t the smartest thing to do, she ordered a Long Island Iced Tea instead of her usual red wine. She needed a release from the pent-up energy that was driving her, source unknown. She sat at a small table in a dark corner of the room where she could watch the dancers unobserved.

            She felt his electricity before she saw him as if the ions had rearranged themselves in the wake of a shooting star and recognized Connor’s cat-like grace as he strolled over to the bar.


            Earlier that week, her CEO, Kevin, introduced her to the new VP as one of the star performers destined for great things. Shock left her speechless as she recognized Connor, the man with whom she’d had a long and torrid affair in their  youth.  His left eyebrow shot up and a very charming smile spread from a pair of exquisite lips right through the rich velvet of his green eyes.

            “Oh really, then I’ll just have to keep my eyes on you,” he said as he shook her hand. His eyes caressed her body briefly before he turned his attention to the others in the group.

            She had watched his fluid grace and ease as he motivated and managed the executive group and painted his vision for future growth. He wasn’t overly outgoing although he could be quite animated when in the spotlight. The women on the team each tried their hand at engaging his attention, some during the meetings, but most during the dinners and hospitality hours when they drank and danced recklessly. He stood back and watched and was never impolite, but it was evident as she watched him that he rejected their advances. He was an entity onto himself who preferred his own company. She recognized her attraction for him was as strong as it had been all those years ago, so was careful to match his professional courtesy during any interaction.

            Once while dancing with abandon with her colleagues after a dinner rich with food and drink, she felt a jolt of electricity and was sure his eyes swept over her. She smiled to herself as she resisted the urge to look and lost herself in the dance. Panting with exertion when the song ended, she took a break and headed for the bar. As she poured herself another glass of her favourite red wine, she felt his presence. He finished pouring his and smiled at her.

            “You look like you were enjoying yourself out there.”

“I still love to dance,” she said and smiled back.

When several of her colleagues flocked over to talk with him, she decided it was time to leave before she got into trouble. Besides, she wanted to call her husband, Tim, for their daily chat before it got too late.


            Now, there he was at the bar ordering a drink. She tried to keep the intensity from her gaze so as not to attract his attention. A very attractive blonde approached him, stood on tiptoes and whispered in his ear. His smile was a mixture of humour and cynicism, but he bent to listen. His reply made the blonde tip back her head and toss her hair. She said something else to him, and he shook his head. Katherine almost heard the “hmph” Blondie said before she flounced off. He looked down at his drink, smiled to himself, then he slowly scanned the room. She quickly looked down at her table and tried to sink further into the darkness of her corner booth.

            She signalled the waiter and ordered another “tea”, intentionally oblivious to the effect that the blend of triple sec, light rum, gin, vodka and tequila was having on her. As she reached for her wallet to pay for the drink, the server said, “It’s already taken care of.”

            “By whom?”

            “By me. May I?” Connor gestured toward the chair opposite her.

            “I guess so,” she said and took another mouthful of her drink.  She blushed at her inability to ever think of something witty or clever to say. Try as she might, wit with her always made an after-the-fact appearance.

            “It’s been a while.” She could have kicked herself. Connor held her eyes for a long moment and smiled.

            “Yes. Yes it has.” He easily led her into conversation about the music she liked, hobbies, and what she’d been doing over the past decade. After what seemed like a short time, she looked at her watch and gasped.

          “Oh my god; I’ve got to go. I’m giving a presentation in the morning.”

           As they got up to leave, she stumbled and realized she was drunker than she thought.

          He must be too. He matched me drink for drink.

He smiled and walked with her to her room. As she fumbled with the key card, he reached over, took it from her and slid it through the lock. She froze as every nerve in her body twitched. He pushed open the door, and she turned to take the key. She looked up to see his intense green eyes looking at her. She broke eye contact and walked into the room. When she heard the door close behind her, she released the breath she held. She turned to lock the door; Connor was leaning against it watching her. She opened her mouth to speak, but before she could think of what to say, he spoke in a voice quiet with command.

“Let me see you.”

“Connor, I’m married now, and I’m deeply committed to him.” Even as she spoke the words, she could feel the dampness spreading between her legs.

“Let me see you,” he repeated.

“Excuse me a moment,” she said and fled to the bathroom.

She took as much time as she could washing her hands and brushing her teeth, her mind at war with the sexual hunger burning through her and the love she felt for Tim. Part of her hoped Connor would get sick of waiting and leave. Part of her raced with excitement at the certainty of his command of himself and the situation. But she could not hurt Tim this way, for Pete’s sake. Imagining the hurt that would spread over his face as she told him what she’d done, she splashed cold water over her face to sober herself up, and straightened up with new resolve; if Connor was still there, she would ask him to leave.

He sat in the corner, hands steepled under his chin and looked at her. She felt instantly like a child who had disobeyed. He shook his head slightly and lowered his hands to the arms of the chair.

“Come here.” His voice was quiet yet full of command.

As if hypnotized, she moved in front of him. He stood and slowly ran his fingers down her bare arms. Sexual electricity jolted through her, and she lowered her head to look at the floor. He reached under her chin and forced her to look up at him and slowly unbuttoned her shirt. Standing naked, she started to touch him, but he pushed her arms down at her side. He ignored her attempts to kiss him and focused his attention on her breasts playing first with nimble fingers and then with his lips. She could not stop the moan of pleasure that escaped her as she felt more moisture build between her legs.

“Lay down and spread you legs wide for me. Don’t move; don’t speak.”

As she opened her mouth to protest, he put a finger over her lips, then led her to the bed. She knew she should protest, but her recognized her need to submit. She closed her eyes and waited.

“Watch me,” he said. Again his voice insisted he be obeyed, and she watched him undress. His engorged cock sprang to attention as it escaped from the prison of his pants. Naked, he straddled her and pushed her arms up over her head. As she closed her eyes, he said, “Look at me; I want you to see me.”

Holding both hands above her head with one hand, he reached down with the other and pulled her nether lips apart then thrust his cock straight in up to the hilt and rode her, deeply and slowly. Each time her eyes started to close, he reminded her to watch him. Each command, like each thrust, drove her nearer to a frenzy so powerful she wanted to scream. She felt his cock glistening with her essence, and this only excited her more. For what seemed like an eternity, he slowly and deeply fucked her as she lie spread and captive to his will.

When she struggled with the need to come, he tightened his grip and continued his languid ride. When he was ready, he increased the tempo of his thrusts, and her body convulsed with an explosive orgasm so intense it blocked awareness.

Without a word, he slid out of her, got dressed and left.

When she saw him at the meeting the next day and to her great relief, he treated her as if nothing had ever happened. If not for the soreness between her legs, she could almost convince herself….