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Lilith Darville

I Wrote.....

Amber collapsed back on the bed and lay breathing hard. Ewan rested his head on her stomach and dipped his fingers in the wetness that poured out of her contracting vagina. He drew circles around her pubis and thighs until her breathing quieted.

He moved beside her and was startled to see her wide brown eyes staring at him intently. Dark pools of longing and need gazed back at him and woke the inner core he’d so valiantly tried to ignore. Without a word, he jerked her arms above her head and held her wrists with his left hand, gripping them tightly. He thought he saw the ghost of a smile cross Amber’s lips as he pushed her legs apart with his. She was exquisite, and her smooth skin glistened with the afterglow of her orgasm. Ewan felt the heat of her passion radiate through each place where his skin met hers. Her nipples were taut and erect and seemed to be shouting out for him to suck them, but he ignored the temptation. With one swift move, he mounted her, plunging his swollen cock deep into her dripping wet cunt.

All of the warm, tender romantic feelings that had threatened to overtake Ewan vanished as he thrust into her again and again. When Amber tried to move her legs, he pressed her thigh with his right hand effectively immobilizing her. And he continued to plunge deep into her, the mighty machine of his endurance in full throttle. She moaned.

“Shhhh,” he commanded. “It’s my turn now.” He wanted to feel her, to tease her, to own her cunt.

Amber’s eyes flew to his and the intensity of her internal struggle sent a jolt through his cock. This was his game, and he knew how to play her. He’d learned that Amber needed to moan and thrash to find her release, yet he could stoke the furnace of her desire by commanding her, controlling her. It was time for him to begin her lessons in control.

It took all of his control to stop his own groans of pleasure as he felt the warmth of her vagina fold around him. Biting his lip, he continued the rhythm he knew would take her to the edge, but not beyond. When he felt the vaginal contractions that signalled she was near the precipice, he eased his grip just a little and let her arch against him. He stilled deep inside her, tightening his grip on her leg. Her eyes flew open and the passion emanating from them almost put him over the edge.

“Please, Ewan, please,” Amber moaned. He felt her muscles tighten as she strained for release.

Ewan allowed himself a moment to admire the sleek and graceful curves of her compact body while he waited for her ragged breathing to slow. He relished her abiity to submit to the animal lust that fed sexual hunger. Excitement coursed through him, and again he had to bite back the urge to come. Not yet, not yet. He hadn’t enjoyed nearly enough time to play and satisfy his own need to see her surrender to her depravity.

Once he felt that neither were in immediate danger of orgasm, he returned to his steady rhythm, revelling in the hold her vagina took of his penis with each thrust. This time when he brought her to the edge, he quickened his pace.  As the force of her orgasm vibrated through her, he fought the urge to explode. He wasn’t done yet.

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