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Lilith Darville

Neil Wrote (from Amber's Point of View)....

Writhing in the throes of her climax, she was oblivious to all but the unquenchable longing to keep him inside her, to prolong the moment. The desperation showed on her face, and she knew he relished her torment. As if they were one, he held her body tight to his own and rolled under her. She found herself on her knees straddling his hips. His hands grasped her buttocks, impaling her onto his penis.

An impossible sensation gripped the core of her pelvis. This was not a sensuous desire to submit to the pleasures of sexuality. This was new and something altogether different. This was an animal hunger that demanded to be fed causing a hostile conflict between her body and her mind. It was reminiscent of the many times she masturbated until she was raw; screaming for release that wouldn’t come, and it frightened her.

Ewan’s left hand gripped one of her buttocks, and with his right he slapped the other soft cheek hard. The pain became a right of passage that she welcomed, no, needed. Gripping the headboard, she began riding his cock as if her life depended on it. She thrust him deep into her cunt in violent abandon. Harder and harder, screaming for release. Sweat dripped between her breasts. The harder he slapped her buttock, the more she desired it. Amber was consumed with her own depravity realizing it was the only way to step over the threshold of her desire.

Guttural cries filled the room as she shook in violent spasm. Collapsing onto Ewan’s body, she gasped for air and her tears mingled with the sweat on his chest. This time, her tears were good ones, reflecting the joy of victory, if only over herself.

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