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Lilith Darville

Next Neil Wrote...

Ewan, not usually an early riser, lay beside Amber listening to her soft, slow breathing matching the rhythm of the ocean waves. Not wishing to disturb her, he remained perfectly still thinking of how his relationship with her had taken on a life of its own. He couldn’t put his finger on anything that wasn’t perfectly desirable, yet he felt less in control of events in his life than he ever had. Always one step ahead and sure of himself had been the hallmark of his life. Amber seemed to throw a curve into his world.

It could hardly be the evening’s tryst as it was remarkably romantic and perfectly satisfying. Most couples would laugh to think there could be anything more. In and of itself, Ewan had to agree. As far as a romantic encounters went, it was perfect. What he also knew is that he had another side, one that craved the challenge of the unknown, unpredictable outcome that comes with pushing the accepted parameters of one’s sexuality. The need to dominate. The need to have his partner submit. The excitement of the unexpected. To experience what was possible in one’s self without limitations. Therein lay his concern. He was never one to settle. Never one to attribute limitations to life, love and happiness, if you will.

Amber had to know this about him. She had to know that their emotional involvement had grown to the point that it threatened their individuality. How does one remain totally true to self when the accepted standard for any relationship demands compromise. On the other hand, look at the potential for two people who refuse to compromise yet truly care for each other. The possibilities were endless. The potential for conflict just as obvious. Ewan stared at the woman sleeping beside him knowing he should use the time to consider the future. He also knew he wouldn’t be able to sleep as he anticipated her slowly waking up to the sensation of his fingers silently and furtively slipping between the covers to the soft mound of her sexuality.

The lids of her eyes opened, but only by half. Not awake. Not asleep. Her eyes took on a vacant stare, lost in sensation. Giving herself; sacrificing all thought to the experience of her excitement. Sensation flowed from his fingers to the prominent shaft of her clitoris. She slowly opened her legs giving full access to her need. The growing intensity precluded any pretense of control. Her hips came off the bed, posed in what only could be described as a carnal presentation, then shook, involuntarily, in wanton fulfillment.

It was an exquisite thing to watch!

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