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Lilith Darville

Scorpio Awakens Ch 4 - Katherine

He’s going to meet him! OMG, Tim’s going to confront Connor. This is a disaster! Or is it?

Katherine pushed the thoughts out of her head and started the car. She loved her bronzed black Mazda6. Not only did it go like a rocket, she knew it looked sexy with its tinted windows and black leather interior. She looked forward to the hour-long drive to the Don Mills office of Magnum. She set the cruise control at 119 km per hour and let her BMW  purr along the 401 Highway. She turned up the volume of Whitney Houston’s greatest hits CD and sang along enjoying the quiet power of the 3.7L V6 engine.

The British media giant, Magnum, PLC, purchased Winston Smith Publishing a month ago and merged it with the smaller Anaconda Press. As Director of Acquisitions at WS, Katherine played an integral role in working with the executive management team on the integration of the three distinct corporate cultures. They scheduled yet another three-day management meeting while they worked through the logistics of the merger, so Connor would most definitely be there.

On the first day of the next conference, Connor passed Katherine a cryptic note that said, “Be prepared for your first test.” She found it hard to focus on the business at hand.

How will I know that it’s the test? What will he make me do? What if….


What if I can’t go through with it?


She jolted to attention. Everyone in the room was looking at her. She wasn’t even sure who had spoken.

“I’m sorry, what did you say?

“This is most unusual for you, Katherine. I said, what do you estimate the earnings for your department will be for the next fiscal year?” There was a slight edge to Connor’s voice as he spoke, yet she thought she saw the trace of a smile at the edges of his mouth. She pulled herself together; after all, she had the great gift of being able to live in the moment; now she had to put it to use. Was that the test? Probably not.

“Sixteen point eight million,” she replied ash she looked him straight in the eye. “Seventeen point two if we go ahead with the new product launch.”

“Aren‘t you being a little optimistic?” CEO Kevin said. He preferred the directors to low ball their estimates for future revenues. That way, when they exceeded their targets, he could play the champion who had led the team to victory. Connor quickly cut him off and moved the meeting forward. She had the distinct feeling that it took tremendous willpower for him to avoid winking at her. Connor detested Kevin Bacon.

She made herself stay focused throughout the remaining three days of meetings and late night dinners. On Friday morning, it took every ounce of her strength to get out of bed after the 6:00 wake-up call. She took a tepid shower in an attempt to shock her system into alertness before dressing and packing for checkout.

Coffee, a lot of it, helped her stifle the yawns that overcame her after too much rich food and drink and too little sleep. Connor had said very little to her during the three days, and nothing that wasn‘t work related. Surely that wasn’t the test?

Somehow she got through the Customer Service presentation that she and her colleague had to give their fellow directors while the executive management team looked on. Kevin gave the wrap-up, rah-rah speech and let them leave early so they could beat rush hour traffic. With a swift goodbye and take care, she was out the door and headed for her car. She couldn’t wait to get home to see Tim. She hoped he’d be waiting at the door with his welcoming smile and big hug. Since she’d told him about Connor, things were a little tense.

Katherine threw her briefcase and purse into the back seat and was just about to sit behind the wheel when a flash of white on the driver’s seat caught her eye. What the hell?

She stood up and stared at the envelope. How the hell had it gotten there? She knew she had locked the car after she’d stowed her luggage this morning. She had checked twice to be sure; that’s how tired she had been. So who could have gotten into her car? She checked the door for damage, but found none. Perplexed, she opened the envelope and took out a card with a hand-written message on beautiful linen stationery.

For your pleasure and mine, proceed to the Lapis Club at Dundas and Queen for an evening of adventure and delight. Once there, go to the bar and await instruction. There‘ll be an empty seat in the right-hand corner just for you.

Katherine was exhausted; and the thought of the one-hour drive home was almost too much to bear, never mind an evening out. What on earth was she going to say to Tim? She couldn’t lie to him; they had a pact. How she hated to disappoint him. She picked up the cell phone and made the call.

“Babe.” He seemed happy to hear her voice.


“You sound exhausted. When will you be home? I’ll have a hot bath and a glass of your favourite wine waiting for you.”

The throbbing between her legs did battle with the sting of tears in her eyes. Damn Connor. Was he forcing her to choose or just asserting his control?

“That sounds wonderful, but I’m going to be a bit longer than I expected. An impromptu dinner came up, and I shouldn’t miss it.” The silence at the other end was palpable. She waited, one beat, then two, then three. “Tim, are you there?”

“Yes, I’m here. Okay. Well try not to be too late. I’ll be waiting for you.”

She could hear the disappointment in his voice as she signed off. Before starting the car, she crossed her arms over the steering wheel and rested her head. Was Connor really worth this? Her brain said “no”, but body screamed “yes”. With a sigh, she set the GPS and headed for the club.

The bar was packed and the strong bass of “Dr. Feelgood” jolted every nerve in her body. Maybe a drink would help her feel better. She made her way to the bar, as instructed. Sure enough, the far right-hand seat was empty, which was surprising with this crowd. There were several young and very attractive men and women working the bar their fluid movements reminded her of what she called the dance of the seasoned bartender. She sat down and waited for one of them to notice her. Shortly, an attractive young man approached and slid what looked like a pink martini in front of her. He winked and turned away.

“Excuse me.” she said. When he didn’t respond, she raised her voice and yelled, “excuse me.”

He turned and faced her. He really was exquisite. He reminded her of Tim when he was that age. Of course, Tim was still exquisite, but now he carried the distinction of the mature man.

“I didn’t order this drink. Do you have red wine by the glass?”

“The Master would prefer you drink these tonight,” he said and gave her a smile that lit up his face and her crotch. Would he be the test? If he was, she could think of worse things that could happen. He was very young, but oh, what a ride he would be.
Katherine shook herself back to reality and eyed the pink concoction in front of her. She rarely drank liquor and she detested martinis, especially those with gin or vermouth. She tentatively took a sip and found she liked it. Before she realized it, she had finished it, and her hunk of a bartender replaced the empty glass.

“The Master will be pleased,” he said.

The Master! Who the fuck was The Master? How did he know Connor? Was he here? Did he own this place?

She felt light headed. She needed something to eat. Another of the beautiful bartenders served the man sitting beside her, and she leaned over to get her attention.

“Excuse me. Am I able to order food here?”

A pair of brilliant blue eyes turned her way, and the woman said, “The Master has taken care of that.”

The pink drink tasted better with each sip, and she actually felt stoned. Certainly he wouldn’t drug her, would he? She tried to figure out how she would get home, but could only focus on how wonderful she felt. Even her hunger had subsided. She sat back on the stool and let her thoughts drift to the feel of Connor’s skin as her hands slid over his taut stomach through the nest of hair at the base of his rigid cock. He rarely allowed her the pleasure of exploring his body, although she felt she could have spent all day discovering his nooks and crannies and the effect her touch had on them. But she’s learned early on that within minutes, he would push her hands toward his engorged penis.

Unlike Tim’s, Connor’s cock always seemed to spring to attention at the very sight of her and strain for release. Pleasure washed through her at the thought. She knew Tim adored her body and soul, she always felt that he controlled when and where he would get an erection. She had wished many times that just once he would give some external demonstration of raw sexual desire for her. Connor’s control combined with his obvious physical need for her was the strongest aphrodisiac she had ever experienced. A ripple of pleasure passed through her as she imagined Connor shoving her against the hotel door, ripping off her panties and riding her through a series of never-ending orgasms.

Someone tapped on her shoulder, and she turned to look into the face of a woman who looked exactly like Elizabeth Taylor with violet eyes and closely-trimmed hair, too perfect to be real. Katherine scanned her body and saw that it was perfectly proportioned. She must be in some kind of weird dream, but she couldn’t remember falling asleep.

“Come with me,” she said and turned and walked through the bodies gyrating on the dance floor. Katherine barely felt the floor as she scrambled to follow. Liz led her through a dining room and down a long hall where they passed a series of rooms. She held one of them open as Katherine caught up with her, gesturing her into the room before closing the door behind her.

Katherine dropped her purse on the side table and slowly turned around, awestruck at the opulence of the room. A large fireplace held a crackling fire and a table set for one stood in front of it. The aroma of French fries drifted by her awakening the hunger she’d long since forgotten. She quickly checked the room to ensure she was alone and saw a steaming bath. But not even the invitation of the fragrant bubbles could distract her from her hunger. She rushed to check out the sideboard that stood against the wall. A buffet fit for a queen spread out before her with so many of her favourite foods she didn’t know where to begin. Crisp fresh Greek and pasta salads, pate, cheeses, fruit and rolls stood on one side, and led to a series of covered dishes that revealed poutine, tenderloin, crab legs, corn on the cob drenched in butter and a platter of sliders with homemade patties. She moved from platter to platter taking a serving for the plate, then a forkful for her mouth. Who cared that she was acting like some kind of piglet; after all, no one was watching. She paused with her fork halfway to her mouth – or was he? Chewing thoughtfully, she turned in place looking hidden cameras or peepholes, then gave her head a shake and went back to stuffing her face.

When she couldn’t possibly eat one more bite, she sighed, stretched and walked over to the huge bed that stood in an alcove in the massive room. A beautiful lapis-blue silk robe lay on the satin duvet. Hence the name of the club.

The bath called to her, and she hurried to it carrying the robe with her. A small dressing room stood at the entrance to the marble bath, and she carefully laid her clothes over the chair in the corner before getting into the hot bubble-filled water. For just a moment, she wondered how the water could still be so hot, then she sank down with relief and let the sudsy water cover her.
Smiling to herself, she thought of how much he liked her pristine purity when she came to him. How thoughtful of him to remember how she loved hot bubble baths. He detested them and much preferred what to her felt like a tepid shower to wash away his debauchery. She let herself soak and drift until the water started to cool. When she opened her eyes, she noticed another of the pink martinis sitting beside her on the marble edge of the tub.

She sat up with a jolt. How did that get there? Nervously she looked around again and listened intently for noise from the other room. Then she smiled to herself and relaxed. Of course, he was waiting for her. She stepped out of the tub, dried off and applied the L’Air du Temps skin cream that lay open on the counter.

Once anointed, she donned the robe, grabbed the martini and strode out eager to see him. She stood stock still as she saw the waitress she called Liz naked and standing at the foot of the bed.

“What are you doing here?” Katherine could not keep the edge from her voice. Needing to hide her shaking hands, she walked over and carefully placed the martini on the bedside table. She was careful to take a wide arc around the bed as she moved to stand behind the chair on the other side of the room.

“The Master says you’re mine until I make you come; so I‘ll be taking my time,” Liz’s smile sent shivers up Katherine’s spine. She could feel Liz’s eyes roam over the robe that had fallen open in the front revealing her small firm breasts and the shadow of dark pubic hair.

Katherine shook her head frantically.

“Uh-uh. I don’t do women. And who the hell is this Master anyway? Where is he?” Katherine took a step back and looked around. She heard Liz laugh.

“He said you’d say that, and Connor said to remind you that you do have a choice. What will it be?”

Katherine walked to the martini sitting on the bedside table and took a large gulp.

“How do you know Connor?” she asked stalling for time.

“I’m not here for a lot of chit-chat,” Liz said, still gazing calmly at her with those deep violet eyes. “In fact, I’d prefer that you not talk at all. If you’re staying, remove the robe and lay on the bed with your legs spread.”

“But -”

“Or get dressed and leave; no one will stop you. Those are your choices. Of course, I’ll pass along your choice to the Master.”
Katherine finished off the martini and glared back at Liz. She tried to suppress the excitement that coursed through her when she let her eyes stray to her large breasts and firm buttocks. Liz did not carry any extra weight, but every ounce of what she had was distributed to form a curvaceous body. She had the body Katherine had dreamed of having and seemed perfectly comfortable with displaying it.

Liz gazed back at her calmly, waiting for her to decide. Katherine stood rooted to the spot unsure of what to do. As her confused emotions played across her face, Liz pointed to an envelope lying on the pillow.

“He said that might help. I’ll leave for a minute while you decide.”

Liz put on an emerald-green robe with the same dragon embroidered on the back and left the room. Katherine sank back on the bed with relief – she had at least a moment’s reprieve. The note was written on the same paper as the card that she’d found in her car.

It is my hope that you will not let fear keep you from the world of pleasure that is ours to explore. Liz is the first step on that journey. Stay or leave, I’ll respect your choice. But first, answer one question – are you wet?

Katherine stared at the note. She parted her legs slightly and slid her hand down between them. She wasn’t just wet, she was soaking. He knew her too well. She often fantasized about what it would be like to have a woman make love to her, but she‘d never had the desire to explore the reality. Or was it because she’d never had the opportunity.

Her thoughts slid toward Tim. She shuddered. How was she going to tell him about this? Would he be upset? Worse, would he be hurt? She focused on him for a long moment trying to feel what he would feel. She felt a calm settle over her. She felt the certainty that he would understand and want her to explore this side of her nature. She prayed she was right. But it would be hard, very hard, as it would be should circumstances be reversed. And then there was her promise…. She shook her head and locked thoughts of Tim in the forbidden room in her head.

She slowly took her robe off and lay back on the bed. On cue, Liz entered the room and walked over to her. Katherine watched as she slid the robe from her shoulders and let it drop to the floor.

“Now for the ground rules,” Liz said. “You’re not to speak unless I ask you to, you’re to do exactly what I say, and no matter what happens, you’re to keep your legs spread at all times. Do you understand?”

Katherine nodded as she tried hard to control her breathing. Oh my god, what have I done?

“Do you understand?” Liz’s voice demanded a response.


“Well then?”

Although she spoke softly, the command was implicit in Liz’s question. Katherine sighed, closed her eyes and opened her legs. Liz took hold of Katherine’s ankles and slid her feet toward her thighs allowing her to spread Katherine’s knees as far apart as they would extend.

As Liz slid her fingers over her mound, pressing briefly on the shaft of her clit, then swirling in the moisture pulsing from her vagina, Katherine felt the wakening of her core, like she did with Tim, or with Connor, and she gasped. Try as she might, she could not stop every muscle, every fibre from straining, reaching, begging for release. Like Connor, Liz spent some time running concentric circles around her outer lips never touching the pulsing point no matter how she strained. Katherine felt the pleasure of the pain that came as her clit fully engorged. Each time Liz came within reach of it, her body arched into a spasm curving toward the moving hand.

When Liz’s hand slid up toward her breast, painting her stomach with the excess of her juices, Katherine panted in her need for air. For a fleeting moment, she wondered at the raw need she seemed unable to control; then Liz sucked on her hard protruding nipples sensation obliterating the ability for all logical thought.

After an eternity of playing with each breast and nipple, each one taking her closer to the edge than the last, Liz moved back to her and spread her vulva. She dipped her index finger in the well of juice then moved it back and forth, slowly, over Katherine’s clit. Without altering the pressure, Liz worked her to the edge, but wouldn’t let her come. Sweat dripped off her and she panted and started to beg.

“Please, please.”

Subconsciously, Katherine thought she heard Liz say, “The Master will be well pleased.”

“Please,” Katherine screamed.

Liz increased the intensity, and Katherine went rigid as every muscle clenched, then released riding the wave of pent-up sensation. She felt fingers thrust up her vagina and massage the internal button that was as sensitive as her clitoris. Within seconds, she rode the new wave of orgasm that ripped through her. Liz continued finger-fucking her until she screamed from the agony of the continuous orgasms. When, she stopped. Katherine curled into a fetal position, her chest heaving.

She awoke with a start and looked around frantically. She was sure someone had touched her; but she was alone. A third note lay beside her.

I am well pleased. My driver will take you home and arrange for your car to follow. Until next time….