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Lilith Darville

Scorpio Awakens #15 Snippet - Connor

Hello Readers – I hope this note finds you well and thriving!

I’ve been having lots of fun doing research for this chapter. It amazes me how much time can be spent making sure I’m giving an accurate representation of descriptions and facts, such as what types of electronic scanning technology is recommended if one wishes to be certain that uninvited guests cannot enter the premises. I’m hopeful that this time will be well spent and that you’ll find the information I give to support my imaginings will feel authentic to you.

So, this chapter is from Connor’s perspective, and he’s going to give Tim a final test before he fully commits to training him to be Katherine’s Dom.


“I belong to an exclusive BDS society, call it a club if you will, called The Scorpio 2/4. I’m taking you there as my guest so you can see first hand what true Doms and Subs are like.”

“Now wait just a–”

“Hear me out, Tim; don’t get excited. You don’t have to participate; actually, it should be quite appealing to your voyeuristic tendencies. It’s all very confidential and security is tight. Everyone wears a mask, so you don’t need to worry about being recognized, nor will you recognize anyone. I’m offering you the chance to explore the world of bondage, discipline, domination and submission first hand. Our members don’t get into sado-masochism; there are other clubs for those interested in participating in that world. Of course, if you’re not interested, we can turn around right now; just say the word.”

“I want to hear more about it before I decide,” Tim said. “Do you have any rum?”

Connor laughed and mixed a rum and Pepsi for him. “I assume you have questions,” he said.

“Oh, I have a lot of questions,” Tim said. “Like where is it? And why not Scorpio two four nineteen? Like why would your members let a complete stranger watch them? Like how do I know there won’t be pressure for me to participate? Like –”

“Whoa whoa.” Connor laughed. “You are quick. One question at a time please. As for where it is, it’s in upstate New York. All members agree to take personal responsibility for any guests they bring, but to ensure our safety and security, we never disclose the location. I’m sure you noticed that there are no windows in this limo.”

“Yes, I noticed. Pretty cloak and dagger.”

“It’s not foolproof, but it does deter intruders from invading our privacy. All members are thoroughly vetted by a security firm. A member can only gain access with a fingerprint, retinal and voice scan. Two four nineteen is too cumberesome. As for why members would let a complete stranger watch them, that’s an easy one. As part of the extensive vetting process, the applicant specifies what particular activites they’re disposed to, including voyeurism and exhibitionism. There are viewing rooms for the voyeurs, activity rooms for the exhibitionists and private rooms for those who prefer privacy.” Connor poured himself another two fingers of scotch without taking his eyes off of Tim.

“Huh. I’m surprised that you limit yourselves to the confines of one location, or do you?” Tim asked.

“How perceptive of you, Tim. Members recognize each other with this ring, which enables them to take part in their particular hobby without disruption to their usually vanilla home lives.”

“A scorpian? Why a scorpian?”


So there you have it, a little teaser to keep you going. And now I’d better get back to putting the final polish on Chapter 16, which is Tim’s experience at The Scorpio.

As always, I’d love to hear your feedback and comments. I thank you all for hanging in there and supporting me through this exciting first novel experience of mine – very different from writing textbooks, articles and short stories.

May romance be with you!

~ Lilith ~