Here at The Toybox, we spotlight adult delights plucked from some of our favorite “toy” stores. Let us help you find the perfect toys to add that extra jolt to your sex life. Feed your fantasies!

???? Our Kink Box ????

There’s nothing like a blindfold to add a bit of sizzle!
An excellent lube—Creme de la Femme is the best lube I’ve ever found (and we’ve tried dozens). Hormone-free, alcohol-free, and glycerin-free, it never burns or provokes yeast infection. Best of all from my perspective—it’s virtually tasteless.
I prefer to refer to this little baby as a Sensation Kit you can use to experiment with different sensations. I recommend feathers, a wide-tooth comb, sandpaper, lace, velvet, etc. Relax and close your eyes while your partner explores using different devices on various areas of your body.
Kat recommends this flogger as a mild and useful introduction for those wanting to explore a little BDSM play.
This handy little toy may just become your best toy-friend as you vibrate your way to bliss. It’s particularly useful for those having difficulty reaching that first orgasm. Don’t think—just buy one and try it!
Kat loves these cuffs especially for hands-above-head positions when it’s nice to have something to hand on to.
If you haven’t tried a sensual massage, it’s a MUST! For those new to massage technique, there’s a lot of information on YouTube to get you started.
Many fondly refer to these as Ben Wah balls. These babies tone your pelvic floor while . . . remember the Fifty Shades restaurant scene? evil grin

???? Just for you! ????

This little gem is a Wee-Vibe, possibly the best vibrator ever.
Cause their kink toys are worth a look, right?

???? Don’t forget Himself ????

Oh yeah—the guys tell me they love this. Looks like a fun one to try. . .
The number 1 selling sex toy for men just got even better.
I like my man hard, but everyone’s kink is their own. . .