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Lilith Darville

The Cast

When I first started writing romance, the image firmly fastened in my head was my very handsome Hubster. That was great for Connor (who also vaguely resembled Johnny Depp (until he fell out of my favor); however, I ran into problems with that as soon as Daniel came along. That led me to the Internet and cruising for photos of book heroes and hot hunks to post for my Play Room readers. So, if you’re curious to see how I envision my heroes, here are some photos that come close. After all, it’s about feeding our fantasies, right?

♨️ The Harem ♨️

♂️ The Heroes ♂️

Connor McClane

Jaden Stone

Daniel Masterson

♀️ The Heroines ♀️
Katherine King

Rayne Turner

Logan Archer

???? Fantasy Fuel ????

I’m thinking . . .

(Note: *Photos purchased from Deposit Photos and Big Stock. Please do not repost.)