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Lilith Darville

Will You Submit to Christian Grey?

I’m all for anything that leads to sexual self-examination & more openness. Bring our on, E.L. James

5 Responses

  1. Oh yeah!! I dont’ know why, because I’m opinionated, head strong, and at times, defiant. So, I don’t understand why I would ‘submit’ to someone like that, but I probably would. Maybe just because he was so gorgeous and wealthy, but he seemed to ‘take care of’ his partner. Who wouldn’t want to be ‘taken care of’?

  2. I am a very independent woman who likes control in most aspects of her life; however the thought of simply being taken care of and not required to make decisions is very appealing to me most days. I think women of our generation feel they must be and do everything as some sort of payback to the women who fought for our equal rights so many years ago. However I think we as woman have lost the ability to simply let men be men and take care of us. Men need to read this book and speak with the women in their lives, I am betting most if not all would love to become Anastasia one or two nights a week!

    1. Actually, when Neil decided it was his turn to take care of me, it took me a split second to realize I’d love it; and I have. Perhaps the problem is that we as women are not willing to relinquish control? Food for thought!

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