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Lilith Darville

A One Night Stand

Sorry for the delay in posting; my modem died. Here’s the story….

Rick was from Statford, and I don’t remember how or why, but I ended up going to his place in Stratford.  I think there was a bunch of us (not Kate) and that we got really stoned so no one could drive.  I’m not sure why I ended up at his place alone, but there I was saying good night and preparing to sleep on his couch.

 I passed out for a while, then I woke with someone shaking me.  Of course, it was Rick.  Now you’ve got to understand, Rick was not my type, in fact, he was that lanky, druggy type with light brown hair that always looked greasy and wrinkled clothes that I was sure never washed.  Normally, I would never be with someone like him as I’d be afraid of catching something. 

Also, this is when I had trouble with sex and had only had successful sex very recently with another Rick.

 So this Rick stood over me naked and telling me that he had always wanted me and could he “make love” – hah! (that’s what I remember thinking then) to me.  He had quite a hard on, and without his clothes on, he looked even more washed out than normal.  In the dim light, I looked at him and said something like, “We really shouldn’t; what about Kate.”  And my evil little mind started to think, yes, what about Kate.  Wouldn’t it serve her right if I slept with her boyfriend.  After all, she had either slept with or dated almost everyone (or so I was thinking then) that any of us had ever been interested in (including we were sure all of the local band, or so she’s said) AND then there was the stuff with my father.

 So, in quite a calculated manner, I said sure.  He asked me to take my pants off, so I did.  As I recall, I left my tee shirt on.  In those days, no one was ever interested in my breasts anyway (in fact, Tom was the first to ever pay any attention to my breasts).  I lay back down on the couch somewhat like a limp doll feeling awkward but triumphant.  As I recall, it was one of those couches without a back; I forget what they’re called, so I could drape my legs over both sides.

 Rick climbed on and pumped away at me.  I was surprised that he could penetrate given my history and lack of arousal, and it was very painful.  I remember looking up at the ceiling and hoping I wouldn’t catch crabs as I remembered that Kate had recently said that she had crabs (and thankfully, I didn’t).  And no, I can’t make up a scene for you with him because I really didn’t like him :).

 When it was over, he climbed off and thanked me.

 I don’t remember how I got home the next day, but I do remember seeing Kate, who was coming down from a chemical high and was crashing.  I cheerfully told her that I’d just been with Rick and repeated back to her what she’d said to me – “I just thought you should know.” or something to that effect.  I remember being quite proud that I’d repeated exactly what she’d said to me.

 So, that was my bitchy time.  It’s the only time that I ever played the “female witch” game with another female.  I could have cared less if I hurt Kate at the time, and very soon thereafter she moved, and I didn’t see much of her if at all.