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Lilith Darville

Tom - The Shower Scene

A ripple of pleasure ran down my back bringing me out of the depths of dreamless sleep.  I woke to find him leaning on one arm looking at me and playing with my back.  I could not believe that running his finger down my spine could ignite the waves of desire I was feeling.  I was uncomfortable lying so exposed in the sunlight streaming though the lacy shears.  I jumped up and grabbed my robe.

“Where are you going,” he said as he reached for my arm.  I was too quick for him.

“I’m going to have a shower.  Do you need the bathroom?”  I asked as I moved toward the door.  I needed some space; time to think.  He was still there.  He’d stayed another night.  The only time he’d left my side was when I was in the bathroom.  I felt sticky with our sex and wondered if he felt the same way.

I wasn’t used to having a guy want to play with my body.  I wasn’t used to having one around me all the time.  I wasn’t used to any of it and had no idea how I felt about it.

I locked the door, peed, and stepped into the shower feeling the powerful stream of hot water wash away the juices of our sex that covered me.  As I ran my hands over my body, waves rippled through me as images of our sex flashed through my mind—his finger in my cunt, his finger on my clit, his hands gliding over my stomach.

He keeps looking at my body.  What’s that about?

For a moment I plunged back into my awkwardness.  But, part of me felt excited.  A guy finally wanted to look at me and feel me.  Why?

I jumped as the shower curtain moved.  He stepped into the shower.

“What the hell. . . . “

“Shhhhhh.”  He put his finger against my lips.

My heart hammered as anger, excitement and curiosity coursed through me.  He’d jimmied the lock on the door.  Now he wanted to take a shower with me.  I just couldn’t wash in front of him though, that was too intimate.  I started to panic.  He turned me around, put my hands up on the wall, and ran his hands down the creamy softness of my stomach and thighs.  It was like he couldn’t get enough of me—seeing me, touching me, hearing me, me.