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Lilith Darville

A very enjoyable read i was sucked in straight away

A very enjoyable read i was sucked in straight away, i loved the main characters especially Tim. I found in a way this read was equally about how Tim is exploring his sexual fantasies, finding out things he never knew he would be interested in, let alone be aroused by, just as much as Katherine is at having hers fulfilled. The story is easy to read and the intimacy and love between Tim and Katherine is simply gorgeous, the diary sharing of their needs and thoughts to each other packs a punch. Connor is your stereotype, rich and gorgeous, slightly cold and all demanding, his past is why he is like this, until Katherine reappears in his life. I’m not sure how this threesome is going to span out but i for one can’t wait to read more! It has a lot more going on but i don’t want to spill all the good stuff. 😉

This is romantic and very sexy, arousing and heartfelt. One to read for sure!
– Bexxful

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