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Lilith Darville

Even better than number 1!

Even better than number 1!   SPOILER ALERT. After reading the first book, I was very keen to start on the 2nd, to see where Meredith and Connors relationship would go. Boy what a ride! I was surprised by having Katherine introduced and wasn’t sure how it would work as I was so engrossed with Meredith from book 1, but this one was even better! Loved the characters, the development of Katherine and Connor was brilliantly done and I so hoped for them to have their HEA, and Lilith didn’t disappoint! I have to say kudos on Cecile character, what a nasty piece of work she is, brilliantly done! Can’t wait for book 3!…hope Tim and Brian both find their HEA?!
– missgroovybaby, Scorpio Awakens

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