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Lilith Darville

Put Him in the Mood!

This email I received is a perfect example of what I’ll be sharing right here on Dear Lilith:
Hello Lilith,
I’m going on a backwoods camping trip with my boyfriend and hoping he’ll pop the question. I’m dreading being without makeup, although he’s always telling me I don’t need it. Yes, I’m kind of high maintenance, and it takes me close to an hour to be presentable. I’m afraid he’ll run for the hills when he sees me unadorned. What sexy thing can I do to put him in the mood and ignore what I look like?
A: Well, this is a tough one to answer without a little more background, but I’ll give it a shot. smile emoticon . First and foremost, celebrate your beauty. When it comes to sex, most men don’t focus on looks; they fixate on your lovely body parts (no matter what you think of them). For example, you may think your breasts droop, and he’ll think they’re simply amazing. When it comes to sex, men are like kids in a candy shop—there’s so much choice they won’t know what to “taste” first.
So, the most exciting thing you can do is celebrate your innate sexuality and flaunt it. That being said, if you want to up the sizzle quotient, take a blindfold and treat him to a bit of that nature he so appreciates. On one of your hikes, grab a piece of moss, an evergreen twig, a smooth stone, etc. Prepare him so he’s not surprised by letting him know that one of your love-making sessions will be all about him, and you’ll be calling the shots.
When the moment arrives, double up those sleeping bags so they make a nice, soft cushion. Blindfold him, then strip him naked—take your time with this. At regular intervals, tease him with one of your nature props—run that evergreen branch lightly over his abdomen, tuck the smooth stone under his balls … you get the drift. Throw away all thoughts of vanity and enjoy your best hot and dirty sex.
But, most of all, remember to celebrate your own sexuality and have fun. Feed your fantasies!

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