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Lilith Darville

I did the unthinkable by reading the Scorpio saga out of order

I did the unthinkable by reading the Scorpio saga out of order, but what can you do when only one volume is presented for review? Scorpio Rising does stand alone, but it would have been easier if I’d had the benefit of knowing who all the characters were ahead of time, along with their relationships, which are well established by volume three. Nevertheless, it’s a fast ride, with lots of sex and mystery, interesting surroundings, excellent word pictures, and very good writing. Connor and Kat haven’t been together very long, but are already in a loving, committed BDSM relationship. When Kat ends up in hospital with amnesia, Connor moves heaven and earth to be with her, as well as to find out who would blow up Kat’s car to kill her.

As Kat recovers, she has to re-learn her relationship with Connor, but she at least realizes she loves him and he will always keep her safe. When his ex returns to the scene, putting Kat in danger, Connor has to break Kat’s heart to keep her safe. But what is a D/s coupling if there is no trust? Kat is convinced Connor no longer wants her so she returns home to Canada.

I liked these two, hated the ex, and I guess that’s exactly what’s supposed to happen. I’d advise you to get all three of the Scorpio books and read them together in order. It’s going to be better that way!

When I returned to writing, an absolutely fabulous writer named Lilith Darville found me on twitter …. She is without a doubt a great erotica/romance writer of the 21st Century
Allison Meier, Scorpio Rising

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