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Lilith Darville

I was torn between a 3.75 and a 4 on this one

I was torn between a 3.75 and a 4 on this one.  Scorpio Awakens is a story about Katherine King who is married to a wonderful husband Tim, but there is something missing that she cannot quite identify until her ex lover Connor comes back into her life.  Dominant Connor pushes Katherine into a sexual peak that is not replicated, but she is unwilling to continue unless she has her husband’s support.

This one was out of my comfort zone a bit because she is a married women,  I generally shy away from this type of plot but I was intrigued.  I will say It was completely unexpected and not predictable.  The ending was a cliffhanger to be sure and I would pick it up to see what happens.  I struggled with that I liked Connor best and found myself intrigued with his character more than any of the others.
– Emily

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