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Lilith Darville

In this erotic second book in the Scorpio Saga

In this erotic second book in the Scorpio Saga, we rejoin gazillionaire Connor McClane in his sexploration of BDSM.

Twenty years ago, Connor McClane Had the world by its oysters. Then one sunny day, the woman he was meant to spend his life with died, and any light inside Connor died along with her. He’s spent the years since becoming the powerful media mogul behind Magnum International, needing nobody, allowing nobody to get close enough to care about. Until Kat.

Katherine King spent one amazing night with Connor in college, but her Victorian upbringing stopped her from pursuing the naughty kind of things he wanted from her. When she sees him again at work, those memories rush back in full force and she’s helpless to resist. Connor doesn’t hesitate to introduce Kat into his kinky BDSM world, and she quickly discovers what’s been missing in her own world. But with her ex-boyfriend Tim returning and wanting to rekindle their relationship (with Connor’s help…awkward!), and Connor’s crazy business associate Cecile wreaking havoc, Connor and Kat will have to stand united if they’re going to make it through this unscathed.

SCORPIO AWAKENS is the second book in the Scorpio Saga featuring the über wealthy Connor McClane and his adventures in the world of BDSM. I wondered where the story would go after Connor and Meredith’s HEA in the first book, so I was rather surprised by her abrupt departure in this book. BUT I really liked this book much more than the first one. The writing style flowed a lot better, the combined POV from Connor and Kat (and occasionally Tim and Cecile) kept the storyline from becoming dull and the light feeling of suspense throughout kept me intrigued.

I still am not in love with Connor; his hot and cold attitude and abrupt rudeness did nothing for me. However I enjoyed Kat immensely. She was a very strong female character, one who didn’t cave to her submissiveness anywhere other than in the bedroom.

So the BDSM scenes…for a Dom who owns several sex clubs and has been in the lifestyle for twenty years and embraced everything about it, the scenes were surprisingly mild. There was light bondage and a bit of spanking, but most of the play centered around power plays, sex with others, voyeurism and orgasm denial. The way that Connor treated Kat after sex bothered me, especially since he’s trying to get Kat to ditch her ex for him. His stunted personality didn’t win him any points with this reader. Even so, I’m looking forward to the culmination of this series with the final book, Scorpio Rising.

Bottom Line: Decent read and good follow up to Scorpio Begins. Props to Ms. Darville for mentioning Baco Noir wine, a delicacy everyone tried to convince me was a figment of my imagination.
– Delta, The Romance Reviews

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