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Lilith Darville

Little Blue Pills & Sex Toys

banana-513795_1280Q: I hope you can help me because I’m at my wit’s end. Around when my husband turned 55, he started having trouble keeping it up. Whenever I try to talk to him about it, he gets angry. I tried asking him to see the doctor about trying Viagra, but he says real men don’t use little blue pills. Now when he gets an erection, usually in the early morning hours, he’s taken to rolling on top of me and pumping away, whether I’m ready or not. Then he gives me a kiss and rolls over and goes back to sleep. I was pretty upset one day and asked him what about my needs? He told me he’s got to strike while the iron is hot so there’s no time to worry about my needs. He’s a good guy, but our sex isn’t fun anymore. Am I destined to spend the rest of my life being his sex toy? What can I do?

A: Oh boy, this is a tough one. I’m very saddened when I hear about men who think their manhood revolves around their ability to maintain an erection. Obviously, if the erectile dysfunction (ED) statistics are any indication, by age forty more than forty percent of men suffer from ED and that number increases with age. With a market valued at US $4.3 in 2012, thankfully, a strong percentage of men with ED don’t equate virility with manhood. Try printing some relevant articles (two or three at most) on the Internet and discretely leave them in a place where he can read them privately.

Additionally, try suggesting a fair is fair trade. Propose a weekend getaway where he’ll spend equal time pleasuring you as you do him. Tell him how much you look forward to reciprocating with a looooooong, slow blow job (assuming you love giving blow jobs, that is). If not, why not give it a try? Here’s a great article on how to give a great blow job. I’m a big fan of Dan and Jennifer’s blog (no, this is not a paid endorsement; I simply like their content), and here’s their tastefully done blow job video complete with a blow job quiz and tips.

I’m sure some of our readers out there have some tips they can pass along. Readers?

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