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Lilith Darville

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Although his voice no longer held the edge of anger, it commanded nothing short of absolute submission. At that moment, there was nothing I wouldn’t do for this man, nothing.

“What are the safe words?”

“Yellow light and red light.”

I had a hard time breathing. Every nerve fiber in my body tingled. One thing I knew for sure—I wanted this. I needed this.

“Come.” He gestured for me to come hither.

God, I hope so. My pulse galloped, and I had to take a moment to breathe. I padded over and took the blindfold he held out. White heat washed over me as his gaze inched up my legs over my belly and breasts finally landing on my eyes. His mask of passivity did little to hide his desire for me. And his love. Suddenly, I knew with absolute certainty that no other person had received the gift of his devoted passion. It was mine and mine alone. He quirked that damned eyebrow, and I quickly put on the blindfold.

He draped me over the sawhorse, face down, and fastened my wrists in the padded rings attached to the head of the horse. The smooth satin of his robe brushed across my back, sending a wave of pleasure down my spine. Strong hands pushed my thighs apart, spreading me wide for his inspection. Another wave of longing skittered over my skin. I swore I heard a low, feral moan when his fingers swept through the slick juices running down my thighs. I was ready, all right. More than ready.

“Let’s see if you remember the rules of engagement.”

A snap reminiscent of a strap meeting flesh cut through the air. Goose bumps followed the sound as I squirmed in anticipation. Muscle memory took over, and I relaxed against the bench.

Rules? Oh shit. My heart beat even faster. Something stirred deep inside me and niggled at my memory. Tensing, I waited for the usual head pain. None came. Only the certainty that I needed this.


Narration provided by Amarette Kilaridge and Kane Lewis.