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Lilith Darville


Masquerade Club Kickstarter Hot Preview
♥ Pushing my arms above my head, he went back to work. Slowly, patiently, he took me beyond self-control—the master musician playing his instrument. Alternating between breasts and mouth, he...
Masquerade Club Kickstarter Spicy Preview
♥ Although his voice no longer held the edge of anger, it commanded nothing short of absolute submission. At that moment, there was nothing I wouldn’t do for this man,...
Masquerade Club Kickstarter Sizzling Preview
♥ The shards of hot ice in his voice sent a spasm of exquisite torment rushing through my body. Oh my God. Was it possible for an iceberg to resist...
Masquerade Club Kickstarter Exclusive Epilogue Preview
Jaden stepped back and knelt, gun cocked and ready. I mouthed, “One, two” and threw open the door. I get a split-second snapshot of chains, cameras, a ceiling mirror, whips,...
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