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Lilith Darville

Is His Penis Too Big?

Tape MeasureFrom time to time I receive questions from my readers, and I’ve decided to start the new year off with a new “Dear Lilith” column. Here’s the first I selected.

Q: My husband’s penis is so big it’s uncomfortable when we have intercourse. It’s very thick and is longer than both hands wrapped around it. Is he too big for me?

A: When we’re talking penis size, there is no such thing as too big or too small. The average length of an male penis is 4.7 to 6.3 inches with a circumference of around 4.7 inches. (Click here or here to read more about penis size.) That makes the average mean length of an erect penis around 5 to 6 inches.

The beauty of the vagina is that it was made to accommodate almost any size. As you relax and enjoy, you may find yourself able to absorb a little more of his length. Put aside any worries about being able to please him and focus on using a combination of hands, mouth, and vagina to help you both experience maximum pleasure.

Readers – any other suggestions?

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