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Lilith Darville

Scorpio Rising is absolutely the best

Scorpio Rising is absolutely the best and most exciting erotic romances I’ve read. I love that the book is written from Connor’s perspective, and there is such great chemistry between Connor and Kat. It was wonderful to watch Connor change and grow as he fell in love with Kat all over again. It’s a great romance, and the sex was scorching hot.

I’m not usually a fan of reading BDSM, but the way Lilith writes it makes it a pleasure to read. I loved how the emotions poured out of the characters, especially Connor; loved that we could get inside his head like that! I heartily recommended this read for those looking for something sensual yet deeper. Lilith Darville writes deep, emotional stories with characters we can relate to. I can’t wait for her next book.
– Victoria Marshall

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