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Lilith Darville

Scorpio Saga

She taught him how to be a man. He’ll teach her the true meaning of passion…

Few women ever stood out to Connor McClane. But when he reunites with the one woman who captured his attention, he’s determined not to let her steal his heart. As their relationship unfolds, they find themselves locked in a battle against their feelings, their secrets, and their intense desires. When tensions erupt, it’s nothing short of volcanic.

Meredith taught Connor to be a man in the bedroom. Years after their first tryst, he’s learned how to dominate in the real world too. As Connor knows, when you mix business and passion, the whole world becomes your bedroom.

And as all his adversaries learn, don’t underestimate Connor McClane unless you’re willing to suffer the consequences…

The Scorpio Saga Box Set contains the first three electrifying Scorpio books, a collection of erotic romance novels. If you like breathless erotica, relatable characters, and a healthy dose of BDSM, then you’ll love Lilith Darville’s steamy series.

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