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Lilith Darville

Scorpio Awakens Chapter 12 Snippet - Tim

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Hello Readers – I’ve missed you! How have you been doing?

Although I’m not posting full chapters here on the blog, I thought I’d post snippets for you and keep you posted about the progress I’m making. Right now, I’m heavily into my own edits (now on Chapter 12), and I’m waiting for the editor to return the work letting me know the changes she thinks need to be made. The cover art is in the works, and I’m really excited to see the proofs from the photo shoot.

Meanwhile, back to the story – here’s a couple of snippets from Chapter 12. This chapter is written from Tim’s point of view. After a meeting with Connor when Tim suggests a way he can be more involved, Tim takes Katherine away on an exotic holiday. During that time, he introduces the Double Diary….

A Double Diary Thursday, August 23

Katherine writes….

Well, it certainly is a welcome and “stimuating” idea. I like that it’s open and affords me the freedom I need given my life circumstnce – balancing love, life and work. And, I’m loving anything that moves us in our exploration of our sexualty. I feel almost ashamed about how I’m revelling in your love and our growing exploration of sexuality. Sometimes I fear you’ll be bored; so certainly this presents a way to add a different dimension to that exploration.

 And yes, it can serve as a way tto explore other aspects of our emotional life together. Right now, I suspect that weill mainly be positive for me – I don’t think I have the need anymore to express difficult emothions through the written word – I’m much stronger an have come to prefer the verbal sparring if need be. So, for me, it will likely be about sex and love. 🙂

 I smiled at this beautiful and inspiring woman I was blessed to have love me. We finished our wine, drinking in the splendour of the full moon as it reflected off the gently lapping waves. Although the fragrant salt sea air and tropcal flora tended to overwhelm, it was Katherine’s scent that penetrated, gently reminding me of my longing for her. I stood, reached for her hand and led us into our bedroom. Like musicians who have played together so long they have no need of a conductor, we went about our bedtime ritual.  As we brushed our teeth, Kat’s watched me in the bathroom mirror, her love and desire misting over me like a piece of gossamer silk. I loved the way she brushed her teeth, unashamed to show me an act she considered so personal; yet another gift she gave to me alone. She rinsed, spat and dried her mouth, her gaze never leaving me. I stood behind her and nuzzled her hair with my cheek and let her warm fragrance envelope me. Minutes passed before she turned in my arms, wrapped her arms around my neck and kissed me deeply. Our love making was long and slow and deep. Eyes the colour of ebony gazed back at mine as she whispered my name again and again. I whispered back, “Kat, my Kat.” We explored every inch of each other’s body as if for the first time. I felt the moment of her surrender and knew she was mine. I surrendered to her with equal abandon as our howls of joy drifted out with the ocean tide. We fell asleep naked and wrapped in each other’s arms.


 That’s it for now, folks. Stay tuned for more as the editing continues, and thank you for being a Scorpio Awakens reader. I appreciate your support!

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