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Lilith Darville

Scorpio Awakens Chapter 13 Snippet - Cecile

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Okay, okay, I can hear you all now – who the hell is Cecile? ~happy face~ Remember the character named Liz, one of Connor’s submissives? Well, as it turns out, her real name is Cecile, and we find out more about who she is when she meets with another character named Sophia to plot Katherine’s demise. Here’s a snippet:

“Tim says not only is she beautiful, but he loves her honesty and directness. He says she always calls a spade a spade, and you always know where you stand with her.”

“Well, isn’t that precious,” Cecile said. “Well, we’re just going to have to knock her down a peg or two. What do you say, Sophia? Have I made the right choice here? Are you with me on this?” You’ve obviously done your homework, so you know I have the power to make this happen if you work with me.”

“Let’s be honest here, Cecile. Me becoming Provost is more than a stretch, it’s impossible. Provost is an academic position and only professors are considered. I have an accounting designation, not a doctorate.”

“Nothing’s impossible if you have enough money, and as you know, your university is crying for money. For example, I’m willing to make sure they have the funds they need to build the new library in exchange for your promotion to Provost.”

Sophia was quiet while she continued eating her pasta. Cecile sipped her wine trying not to show her impatience. Take it easy. Don’t scare her off now.


I had lots of fun doing the edits on this chapter (as I am with all of them). I’m almost finished edits on Chapter 14. Would that I had more time! Like most working women, balancing work, family, research – tee hee – and writing proves to be an ongoing challenge. Neil is my hero, my muse and foremost supporter of this project, and he helps me clear time whenever and wherever we can. With his help, I’m able to devote at least 1.5 hours per day, BUT IT’S NOT ENOUGH. Okay, that’s my little rant for today.

I’ve decided not to read any more erotic romance novels until I’ve finished the final edits on my book; less chance of being influenced by what’s out there. I am committed to sticking to the original story I wrote in 2011.

Do enjoy a wonderful weekend. If you haven’t already, so follow me on Twitter (lilithdarville), Pinterest (Lilith Darville) – check out the character playlists and Goodreads. Of course, I love to hear from you, so please comment below or touch me up on Twitter.

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  1. Love all the snippets. looking forward to reading the whole story start to finish one day. Namaste.

    1. Hey April – Thanks for being a faithful reader; much appreciated!!! Would you like to join me in pinning to the “Scorpio” boards on Pinterest?