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Lilith Darville

Then Neil Wrote....

Yesterday I mentioned that Neil and I are sharing the writing of a fantasy story. I started with this….

Ewan realized that Amber wasn’t into the whole S/D lifestyle. She had made it clear that she wasn’t into real pain or humiliation. Yet, she had the capacity to completely release her will and submit sexually. And each time they came together, Ewan became more fixated on having her submit her sexual will to him. His fascination for her many layers crept into his thoughts far too often, unbidden, and that disturbed him.

This was not a woman who would every say, “Yes, sir” (yes, folks, this is a nod to some recent popular erotic fiction). Yet he was convinced she was capable, no needed, complete surrender.

Or was she just pliable?….

Neil added this….

If pliable suggests a willingness to relinquish boundaries, to explore her curiosity, she was all of that. All of that and more. To be open to experience is one thing; to embrace it with abandon is rare, suggesting a much darker need. This is exactly what intrigued, and yes disturbed, Ewan. His need for control coupled with her need for complete surrender was a recipe for exquisite ecstasy, but one that comes with the agony that accompanies a depravity of the soul, sacrificed to the drive of desire. Ewan realized that Amber knew this also. What really gave Ewan pause was the fact that she didn’t seem to care!

Stay tuned….