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Lilith Darville

Tell Me It's Not So!

I just met a middle years woman, like myself, who during the course of our conversation said, “I have yet to meet a woman who considers her husband a good lover. Please tell me this sad statement isn’t true! Thankfully – hear me shout here – in my marriage of more than 20 years, our sex just keeps getting better and better (and I’m on firm ground here when I say that it gets better and better for both of us).

Sex is such a fundamental and crucial part of a loving romantic partnership. I have real trouble imagining how an intimate relationship can grow without sex. Out of curiosity, I thought of cruising the Internet to find out if there are any statistics on the percentage of relationships in North America where couples coexist with minimal or no sex. However, that will have to wait for another time. It’s spice time here at the Darville household.

From time to time, Neil and I add a little interest to our loves lives by adding a little something to change up the mix. We done many things like what I call The Fantasy Games when we take turns writing fantasies and seeing where they take us when exploring them on our date night. And then, there is our Double Diary; more on that later. For our latest adventure, we’ve decided to share writing a story – what fun! I started and wrote the first few paragraphs in our journal. Now Neil will take it and add the next section and take it in whatever direction strikes him. Then it will be my turn again.  So here’s how I started….

Ewan realized that Amber wasn’t into the whole S/D lifestyle. She had made it clear that she wasn’t into real pain or humiliation. Yet, she had the capacity to completely release her will and submit sexually. And each time they came together, Ewan became more fixated on having her submit her sexual will to him. His fascination for her many layers crept into his thoughts far too often, unbidden, and that disturbed him.

This was not a woman who would every say, “Yes, sir” (yes, folks, this is a nod to some recent popular erotic fiction). Yet he was convinced she was capable, no needed, complete surrender.

Or was she just pliable?….

Neil is off playing golf, and I’m just home from work. Time to settle in and see what Neil wrote in response. Then add more of my own (where’s an emoticon when you need one?!).

Until next time….

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