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Ticket to Temptation

He thinks his dark hunger is under control. Until her touch unleashes it…

Ticket to Temptation is Lilith Darville’s hot, sensual, romantic suspense novel, containing a writer who’s never tasted the passions she writes about, a by-the-book lawyer with outside-the-box tastes, steamy love scenes, a mystical setting with a hint of paranormal flavor, and second-chance love.

Logan Archer
Talk about an embarrassing cliché. Ever the dutiful wife, I stayed home and wrote romance novels while my husband handled the money. And “handled” his secretary. And “handled” my royalties out of my reach.

Brokenhearted—and broke—I drive into the teeth of a hurricane to Blackstone Manor, hoping to live the fantasies I’ve only dared write about. But a falling tree changes everything, and I regain consciousness staring into the eyes of the one man who turns my insides into a mess of loathing and lust. My ex’s business partner, whose damnable scruples wouldn’t let him help me.

Daniel Masterson
One moment, I’m sequestered in my newly inherited estate, trying to forget Logan’s tearful, pleading eyes—and the dark hunger for her twisting in my soul. The next, I’m hauling her out of her ruined car. Poetic, since I unintentionally helped ruin her life.

Trapped together with our demons, we explore the mysteries of Blackstone Manor—and succumb to forbidden desire that rivals the power of the howling wind. But once the storm dies down, a new danger rises. And the ties binding our scarred hearts could be our only hope for survival.

She’s unfulfilled. His urges don’t play by the book. Can a mysterious manor help them break free from the ties that bind?

Logan Archer is ready for a fresh start. After catching her hotshot lawyer husband screwing the secretary one too many times, the romance novelist takes a chance on an invitation to Blackstone Manor. She jumps at the opportunity to visit the mysterious haven of erotic exploration. But she never expected a freak storm to strand her there with her husband’s sexy business partner…

Daniel Masterson buries himself in work to keep his mind off his unique sexual appetites. His last girlfriend couldn’t handle it, but his partner’s wife seems game. As long as they can explore their fantasies without getting too attached…

As Blackstone Manor lowers their inhibitions, Logan and Daniel fight their budding emotions. But when they try to take things to the next level, how much are they willing to submit in the name of passion?

Ticket to Temptation is a hot and heavy romantic suspense novel. If you like steamy sex scenes with a hint of BDSM, mystical settings with a paranormal flavor, and characters looking for a second chance at love, then you’ll swoon for Arlene Mahood’s sensual story.

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