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Lilith Darville

This is the love story of Tim and Kat.

This is the love story of Tim and Kat. Tim believes he has everything he needs and desires with his beautiful Kat. Nothing could be more. They go to work. They play house. They make love. Perfect. Kat reunites with Connor and memories of past experiences come swirling back, rekindling the desire to live her sexual fantasies, and rejoin a community to which she once belonged. What will Tim think? Will he understand her true needs? Will he still want her?

I finished reading this story in one sitting… 6 hours. I was so captivated by the love story that was unfolding before me, not to mention the intrigue and imagination that went into the creation of Scorpio Awakens.

This is Lilith’s first full length story and I am very impressed with it! Cant wait for the next one!
– Book Passion, Edmonton, AB

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