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Lilith Darville

SCORPIO BEGINS Snippet #1 - Connor

Couple EmbracingDisclaimer: May be edited or deleted prior to publication.

Connor threw his head back, taking huge breaths while he felt Meredith’s warmth enhancing his pleasure. He’d waited so long to feel her, yet nothing had prepared him for the intensity of their reunion. She reached up and pulled him on top of her. He stilled feeling the crush of her breasts against his chest as they lay, heart to heart. Rolling onto his back, he drew her into the crook of his arm, her head tucked under his chin. Connor buried his nose in her hair, inhaling deeply as if her scent carried everything he would ever need to survive. She ran her long fingers lightly through the dusting of chest hair that circled his nipples, sighing.

“I missed you,” she said. “I wish we could stay like this forever.”

May romance be with you!

~ Lilith ~