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Lilith Darville

Apparently there are other Scorpio books

Apparently there are other Scorpio books, which I haven’t read, and this is a sort of prequel, which shows how the characters got their start in the BDSM world. It centers on Connor and Meredith, who had a hot relationship three years ago. Now they meet again, and the sex and love are even more incendiary. Meredith dabbles in BDSM, and wants Connor to try it, too. He is totally naïve about it, but wants to be with Merry, and allow her to teach him.

I gather from reading the blurbs about the later books, she succeeds, and Connor 20 years later owns a chain of BDSM clubs. However, maybe I missed something between this one when Connor is 23 and the next one where he is 43. What happened to Meredith? What has Connor been doing for 20 years? I liked Scorpio Begins, which has good characterization, burning sex, and even a very bad guy who Connor needs to rescue Meredith from. However, I’d like to read the continuation of this one to find out the answers to my questions.
– Manic Readers Review

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