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Lilith Darville

I am in love with Connor

I am in love with Connor, need I say more? I really wish I’d read Scorpio Awakens before reading this little gem, but never one to follow instructions and loving the blurb, I dove right in. Ms. Lilith’s writing is superb; she definitely knows how to turn a phrase. I felt Connor’s fear and frustration as he struggled with getting his head around Kat’s accident and her recovery. Scorpio Rising has some of the best dialogue I’ve ever read, and what Kat and Connor have makes for one great love story. My only complaint is that is it a novella—give us more!

I can’t wait to read more from the awesome Ms. Lilith. I love how she makes sex a loving, nurturing, and oh so exciting event. The sex is explicit and there is mild BDSM, which may not be for everyone’s taste.
– Annette, Scorpio Rising

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