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Lilith Darville

Scorpio Awakens is not your everyday romance.

Scorpio Awakens is not your everyday romance. It’s centered on a married couple, Tim and Katherine King, who are both passionately in love with each other and is strangled by curiosity along with the driving need to take their sex life to higher heights.
Katherine is a strong, fierce, no-bullshit woman in the world’s eyes, but behind closed doors she’s all about yielding to commands. She loves her husband to pieces but doesn’t feel he’s capable of ‘scratching her itch’.
Tim King is equally in love with his wife, and trusts her enough to allow her the freedom of exploring her sexuality, BUT, he’s gotta be in on that shit.
Now onto… ooooh, yes, right there Master Conner, right there…Conner McCloud, the hot undercover billionaire, he can come and ‘scratch my itch’ any day! Wish there was more of him, though.
For the first four or so chapters of this book, I was thinking ‘three stars’ for the main reason that these starting chapters were the epitome of telling and not showing. I couldn’t place myself in the environment or see the characters’ faces, all I saw was the words on the pages, if ya’ get what I mean. But after I was given the opportunity to leave Katherine’s boring head and bounce around in the other characters’ head, the story grew more and more interesting and quickly graduated to four stars.
It also helps that I’m a Scorpio: “Scorpio is the most sexually charged of all the Zodiac signs.” We are, aren’t we? *wink*
I enjoyed it. I liked all the characters. There’s lots of sex, BUT, not repetitive sex with the same people. Isn’t that given? Everyone was getting laid in this book…or whipped…or sucked…even blackmail sex was being enjoyed!
Oh, Cecile is my favorite character. I always love the villains! Mwahahahaha!!
A good read on Goodreads. One Love <3
– S. Cole

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