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Lilith Darville

I wasn't sure how this would go at the beginning.

**************  I was gifted a copy in return for an honest review  ***********
I wasn’t sure how this would go at the beginning. A discussion of a certain book came up and I’ve seen this now in several erotic books and it’s beginning to drive me a little crazy – usually because I find it a reflection of the author’s opinion/feelings towards the book BUT get past that and we have a well-written story.
The erotic scenes were great – definitely more sensual than explicit but enough to get you hot under the collar. The romance however didn’t really shine through for me. I think what threw me off was that there was no real discussion of Tim and Katherine’s open relationship before she goes off with Connor as her bit on the side. Yes, she is open about it but only after re-kindling their relationship and it came as a shock because no mention had been made of it before. For me, this threw me out so much and I struggled the see the romance behind the relationship when there seemed to be this inherent lack of respect from Katherine.
Tim also frustrated me. Supportive, yes, kind, yes…everything you should probably want in a man but he came across as bland to Katherine’s selfishness.
So personally I didn’t connect with the characters but I don’t want to take away from the fact this is a technically well-written and if you enjoy what I would say is light BDSM intertwined with a complex, well-woven storyline then you should enjoy this.
– sido42

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