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Lilith Darville

The Hubster Still Romances Me!

So, the Hubster and I took a wee getaway in Toronto recently. The sweet man, bless him, ordered the Romance Package at Pantages Hotel. We entered a suite littered with rose petals with a lovely display of wine and chocolate-covered strawberries on prominent display in the large living room. We followed the rose-petal path from the living room to the bedroom…and gasped. The entire bed was covered in rose petals.

So, what do you think I did first?

Nope, not that. Guess again…

You got itI swept those damned things off the bed and into the garbage faster than you can blink. After a moment of intense shock, Hubster joined me, laughing he was so damned relieved. We quickly realized rose petals stain, so I was some relieve that Hubster hadn’t felt the urge to toss me on the bed and have his way with me, rose petals and all.

Romance writers aren’t always all that romantic! :-p

Happy Holidays!



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