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Lilith Darville

Oh, oh, oh...I'm writing one sizzling sex scene... Rage...coming this spring!

Of course, the usual yada yada about copyright, subject to change, etc., applies…

Oh God. I take a deep breath. “A spanking?” I sigh out a whisper.
He runs his hands down my naked sides. Goosebumps spring up in the wake of his light touch despite the warmth in the room. I’m so horny and agitated, I want to scream. He licks behind my ear. I almost jump out of my skin. “Are you ready?”
How the fuck does one get ready for this? I nod.
Jaden helps me step up, placing my feet wide on the stool. He lifts my bound hands and bends me over the bench. My knees fold onto some kind of stirrups. He unhooks my hands and refastens them on each side of the bench. The bench is lovely and padded. I’m quite comfortable.
Jaden’s large hand cups my right ass cheek. He strokes. Slides said hand between my legs. I focus on breathing knowing what’s about to come. And I hope it’s me.
Jaden steps back. He smacks his hand. Every muscle tenses.
Swat. I’m guessing he’s using one of the floggers we studied in class. It stings a little…in a very pleasant sort of way. Just like Kat described.
“One.” Jaden’s rich voice rings out. Slap. “Two.” Still tingles. I move my ass a bit reaching for more of a bite.
“Three, four, five.” Definitely pleasure but barely a tingle. B.G. surfaces. Tell him you want more. Not in this lifetime.
Jaden stops and rubs both ass cheeks. I want him to grab them, pull them apart and plunge into me. Wanton bitch. I love it. I hated that I love it. No time to think about that now.
“Where are we at?”
Greener than green. “Green, Sir.”

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