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Lilith Darville

Kink Double Diary . . . The Beginning

Here’s some erotic romance kink to feed your fantasies . . . I kid you not. Just bear with me for a few minutes while I set the stage. Oh, by the way, my name is Katherine King. You may have met me in Lilith Darville’s books, starting with Carnal Conflict. That’s where Connor, my handsome hunk of a dominant male, introduced me to this Kink Double Diary. My Connor’s rather a deep guy and uber analytical. He’s also not the best when it comes to expressing his feelings. I could go on but I think his invitation will explain everything. If not, let me know. . .

The Beginning — August 21. . .

Not a new concept but unique considering the traditional diary is usually a one-person endeavor that offers the benefit of personal insight and/or a record for historical reflection. A two-person diary provides the opportunity for so much more.

There is so much I want to say to you, I don’t know where to start. In so many ways, I’m afraid to. This in itself is hard for me to admit. Most look at me as strong, decisive, and unaffected by anything getting in the way of the bottom line, and they are right. For so many years, I have pursued success without the slightest interest in how it affected others or even myself. I told myself my emotions would be viewed as a weakness easily exploited by others. Every successful achievement reinforced this fact.

I intentionally kept myself busy with the pursuit of wealth so I could hide in the emotional vacuum I imposed on myself. I can no longer deny that I lay awake at night thinking of you, Kat. Each morning, I wake up wondering when I’ll see you again. To be completely honest, I don’t know what it means. I know I have more questions than answers.

I am intrigued and excited you have chosen me to explore the nature of your submissiveness. In turn, I may find the courage to look at my life and the effect you have on me.

I prefer to think of this exchange as our double diary—a way to open up to each other. I want to be able to share what we’re thinking, how we’re feeling, what excites you, when you’re ready to take the next step to explore our passions further.

All these things I find easier to communicate in writing. Sex is not by any means the exclusive focus for this diary, but it is the catalyst.

Can we take another step, through this diary, to even more hidden desires and new experiences? Perhaps. This is my way of providing an outlet for fun and insight when other methods of communication just don’t work or become awkward for various reasons.

It’s a lot to think about, but therein lies the beauty of the process. Take whatever time you need to consider if you’re willing to share such intimate detail.

I excitedly await your response. C.

. . .here’s where the note stopped in Carnal Conflict. In actuality, it turns out Connor is much more verbose in writing, and he didn’t stop there. Read on . . .

I intend to use this diary, and it is my hope that you will too. Why? Well, depending on how long we utilize this process and that remains to be seen, it would be an interesting personal and historical perspective of our relationship in years to come. One day, it may be a very interesting and emotional read. A reflection of the day to day, week to week, month to month relationship of two people’s lives, thoughts, concerns, needs, wants, etc. but most importantly, the shared love!

This is, of course, the long-term perspective, whereas the true essence of this diary is the day to day notations of private thoughts to be shared by you and me. There should be an attempt to make our notations of a personal nature, which, if you think about it, really opens the door. Also, notations do not have to be every day, every week or every month for that matter. It would be good to sign and date notations made. [Ah yes, I did mention that Connor’s a bit of a control freak, didn’t I.] This helps to maintain a chronological perspective.

Importantly, this diary does not preclude any other form of interaction from verbal to your sticky notes. I like those, which is a good example of my intentions for this diary. Sticky notes are not left every day. Sometimes, not for months. But when it strikes you, you share your thoughts. This does imply that your diary notations are always positive. In fact, I’m sure you remember how much easier it is to deal with issues, sometimes, some issues, on paper. It gives you that arms-length protection, giving time for considered thought.

Thoughts on sex is another great example. Just think of the possibilities. Stories, short or otherwise, to stimulate. Fantasies to excite. (Yes. Yes. Just another word for stimulating as I guess that’s the point of sex.) Insights into our sexual activities. Such as; Oh I liked this or that was different. Of course, I would write back asking for elaboration and perhaps share thoughts from my perspective. So many possibilities! To reiterate! Why I believe I’m getting excited just writing about what we could write about.

In any case, I’ sure this could be a viable medium to express those things that at the time would only disrupt that languid aftermath. After having you, I can only feel good but I wouldn’t usually want to dissect the activity. The next day we could talk but time and life circumstances sometimes supersede the opportunity. But again, that is not to say we shouldn’t talk as I certainly enjoy that as well. But this provides another great outlet for insight into the pursuit of perfection. I’m not sure how you could get any better but I’d love to try.

Sex. Sex. Sex is not by any means the exclusive focus for this diary. But, as I indicated to you, it was the catalyst. Can we take another step, through this diary, to even more hidden desires and new experiences? Perhaps. At the least, even sharing and recognizing your sexuality excites me with anticipation. Another form of foreplay if you will. anyway, a diary provides an outlet for fun and insight when other methods of communication just don’t work or become awkward for various reasons.

As previously mentioned and as life cycles, so would the use of this diary. I would probably keep it in our bedroom. Possibly in the headboard for easy access for us. If and when I write something, I would tell you or hand it to you. Just trying to facilitate the ease of process, confidentiality and privacy for us.

End of Intro overview. I eagerly await your comments. And, if you want to find out more about just what Kat and Connor do in their kink room, read Carnal Conflict now!

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